Students completing their programmes of study should be able to demonstrate not only the knowledge that they have gained, but also a range of skills which indicate their “employability”. The ability to demonstrate such skills is clearly a strong advantage in a competitive job market and is also increasingly perceived as an integral component of a robust and well-rounded education. Employability skills include (but are not limited to) the ability to work well with others, and in teams, act on one’s own initiative, bring a proactive approach to problem- solving, demonstrate a creative approach to new business opportunities, and to take responsibility for one’s own professional actions and development.

Program Content (3 days) :

Day 1 : How to Get a Job
– Employability
– Education, Personality, Competency
– Curriculum Vitae, Job Search Technique, Job Interview, Interpersonal Skills

Day 2 : How to Start a Job
– Employee Relations & Employment Regulations
– Corporate Knowledge
– Communication Skills

Day 3 : How to Maintain a Job
– Competency Set 1
– Competency Set 2
– Competency Set 3
– Competency Set 4

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