ORANYE Development Co. is a management consulting company which supports individuals and organisations to improve the sustainability of their competitiveness and performance capabilities. We offer our clients solutions in the area of Employability Skills and Corporate Consultancy for strategy management system, process/system management and improvement, organisation structure development, people management system, and culture change management.

We were founded in Indonesia under the name of PT Trans Manajemen Integrasi based on :
– Akta Pendirian Perseroan Terbatas Nomor 04 Tanggal 18-11-2016, which legalized by
– Keputusan Menteri Hukum dan Hak Asasi Manusia Republik Indonesia Nomor AHU-0051711.AH.01.01 Tahun 2016,
– Surat Ijin Usaha Perdagangan (SIUP) Kecil Nomor: 533/24.1PK/31.74.02/-1.824.27/e/2016.

Mission & Vision:
“The Company for People and Organisation Development”

ORANYE Development Co. was founded with a mutual passion between the Partners to help people and organisation develop. We want to be The Company preferred by our Customer when they need a partner for development.

We develop people.
We develop organisation.

Core Values:
“Together Proactively delivering Innovation with Fun”

We believe by working together we will be able to achieve our Customer’s development objectives. We will proactively providing innovative solutions to our Customers and still maintaining the fun of working in our team.

Our Partners:
Raymond Hadisubrata
Yustine Novianti